A Walk in the Park

This week I got to shoot this gorgeous young lady again at Burslem Park. Chloe loves having her photo taken and is such a natural. She is young and inquisitive, regularly disappearing into wooded areas and appearing from behind a tree.

Chloe is amazing at taking direction and I always come away with some good variations of each image.

We met at the centre of the park and first made our way down a little path to some water. Chloe had her photo taken at the edge of the water sat on some rocks (which was very brave of her as she doesn't like swans/ducks)

We then moved around to the back of the water where there was an tall, old wall with some gorgous overhanging plants and flowers. We took a few snaps of Chloe here in her jeans and then she did a quick change into her striking pink dress which was a great contrast to the greens and browns of our natural backdrop.

We carried on walking where we came across some steps and another large wall, I asked chloe to stay at the bottom while I went to the top and leaned over and took a picture of her looking up at me, I love this picture from the shoot (see above)

We did our last loop and took some pictures of chloe within some trees and bushes and a couple of her sitting and laying on a picnic blanket and finished off in the middle of the park with the main wall and pavilion.

I loved working with Chloe and look forward to working with her again soon.

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